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Saturday and Sunday Barcelona-Test review

After 2 very nice days of testing on Thursday and Friday, the weather wasn’t that good on Saturday.

The session started dry but the rain started soon. Rosberg used the good conditions at the begin of the day and set the benchmark of 1:20.686 though it was during a qualifying simulation so a very low-fuel run. The second place was taken by Buemi who was 0.727 slower than the Mercedes. Button, who took the car from Hamilton, didn’t drive much in the morning but then jumped, in a low-fuel run, to the 3rd place with a 1:21.450 and was only 0.037 slower than the . Barrichello, who’s Williams suffered already some bigger issues and caused 2 red flags on this test day, snatched the 4th place and was 0.525 slower than the world champion. The 2nd Brazilian who drove on Saturday was Massa. He put his Ferrari to 5th place. The first Russian Formula 1 driver ever, Vitaly Petrov, set with  his shiny yellow Renault the 6th best time (or 6th worst  xD ) of the day. 7th place was caught by Sutil who’s Force India is for me one of the big question marks for the new season. 8th place was token by 2009’s world championship runner-up Sebastian Vettel. In the morning he only made 2 installation laps, because his car suffered an oil pump issue. He set his first flying lap at about 3:05 pm local time. At the end he drove only about 50 laps with a best lap time of 1:23.254, but it isn’t really comparable to Rosberg’s time because Vettel didn’t have the chance to drive on a really dry track. The airline battle was won this time by AirAsia so by Lotus, because their driver Trulli was the best of the rest with a time of 1:25.059 (!!! 1.805 seconds slower than 8th Vettel!!!) and a 9th place. The other airline team, Virgin, was slowest with a 1:26.305 by Timo Glock. The penultimate place took Kobayashi with a 1:26.216. But again, after this day you can’t say who was really the best, due to the weather.

On Sunday, normally Webber should take the car from Vettel, but Red Bull Racing decided to let Sebastian drive in the morning again, because he had yesterday and last week few chances to test in the dry. This day, the teams weren’t annoyed by rain but by heavy winds.

The 2008’s champion Hamilton set the benchmark of 1:20.427. 2nd place was taken by Webber (in case you don’t know already, he is a twittero now too! Follow him at http://www.twitter.com/aussiegrit ) ; his teammate Vettel snatched the 5th place with a 1:20.667 . Like u can see already now, this day, the times were much closer than the other days as there are between the 1st and 5th place only 0.195 seconds, the first 8 were all in a half second as the 8th, Kobayashi, made a 1:20.991 and was 0.439 seconds slower than Hamilton. The 3rd place was taken by Massa (1:20.539) and  Sutil improved to 4th with a 1:20.661. The specially from the German press strictly observed duel between Schumacher and Vettel was won by the Red Bull driver as Schumi was 6th with a 1:20.145. 7th was Barrichello (1:20.870). The first big gap was between 8th and 9th place (Kobayashi and Buemi) as the Swiss made  1:22.135. After a 6th place on Saturday, the Renault dropped to 10th as Kubica’s best lap time was a 1:23.135. And again, the airline duel was won by AirAsia (Lotus) who scored a 11th place with a 1:25.251 and was 0.909 faster than the virgin, who was again slowest of the day.

So this was our second post and I hope you like it! Next week we’ll post our prospects for the new season.

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Thursday and friday barcelona test review!

Testing got underway once again this week in Barcelona with better conditions than there was in Jerez… (Now that’s start!) With only 2 weeks left to the beginning of the season, the teams geared up once again and made several changes to their cars. Testing on Thursday outlined the pace of the Adrian Newey designed RB6 with driver Mark Webber outpacing second placed Hulkenberg by 9 tenths of a second. Of course Hulkenberg has earned his status as the “guy who tweets while zooming around a track at roughly 200 miles!” never mind… the third place was snatched by Rosberg who trailed behind Webber by literally one second and fourth place by Pedro De La Rosa who was behind Webber by the margin of 1.657 seconds. Malaysian Fauzy took the last slot and Russian Petrov continued to make good impression by taking 8th place. Both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button did reasonably well earning 7th and 5th respectively and Spanish Toro Rosso driver Alguersuari was 9th and Vitantonio Liuzzi took a reasonable sixth place home for Force India. On Friday, there were few changes as Sebastian Vettel once again got behind the wheel of the RB6 and like the Australian suffered yesterday the car once again stopped out on track But Vettel said “I don’t think we have to fear reliability problems.” Ok then Seb, but we shall hold you to that! No matter what happened, he finished 5th with a 1:21,258. Anyway, Ferrari’s Alonso showed us why he deserved the seat in Ferrari by setting the pace most of the session today however he got shoved of the front seat by William’s Rookie Driver Nico Hulkenberg who outpaced him by 0.023 seconds. Sauber’s De La Rosa took third place approximately 0.359 seconds behind Hulkenberg while 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher suffered and finished 7th and 1.075 seconds behind the pace setter and Lewis Hamilton followed suit by being 1.538 seconds behind… Hmm that is the start to the final pre-season with two different teams at the top… read our blog tomorrow for what happened on Saturday and Sunday!


When our posts will be up?

Me and Jenny have decided to start this blog to spread our immense love of Formula One (and trust me that is a heck of a lot of love) and also provide you with the on and off track action! Oh yeah and a last thing from me: Our blogs will be up on Saturday and Sunday evenings right after the qualifying and race coverage. Hope you like them!

Hello F1-world! (by Jenny)

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