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Pitstops are crucial!

First, sorry for the lack of blogs in the last time! School started again for me and it’s very stressing this year so I hadn’t any time to do some blog posts =S

Today we raced for the last time of this season in Europe. The race was held on the historical and absolutely awesome track of Monza.

Some drivers have had some big emotions at Monza, such as Schumi said there in 2006 that he quits F1 and for sure Seb won there his first race ever in 2008.

Yesterday Alonso scored the first Pole for Ferrari since Brazil 2008 and made all Tifosi happy. Only a win could top this…

The Start went pretty bad for the Spaniard, as Button overtook him. Seb started 6th and lost some places in typical auto scooter of Monza’s turn 1. Important for the WDC is, that Hamilton crashed already in the first lap. Well then Seb stuck behind Hülkenberg, who was performing well in his Williams and Alonso stuck behind Button. Webber who lost many places at the start overtook Schumacher quite fast and then he closed the gap to Vettel and put him under a big pressure. Then suddenly came, once more, a team radio of a desperate Vettel …. “I have engine problems”; “My engine is dying”… and he had to let pass Webber. I was already thinking: “ok, that’s it. Bye bye Championship. But then he found back to his speed and as we know now, it wasn’t the engine which was making problems but a brake which didn’t stopped braking. Anyways he was 8th then behind his teammate.

Alonso managed to take the lead of Button through the pitstops. And there we are at THE word of the race: PITSTOP. After almost everyone pitted, Seb was running 4th as he didn’t made his pitstop yet. And he kept and kept racing. When the race came closer to the end, everyone noticed what Seb was doing: he wanted to push as hard that he wins some places due to the pitstop. In the same time, his teammate got annoyed be Hülkenberg, who was pushing very hard… if not a bit too hard.  Fighting for the 6th position with the Aussie, he cut some times the chicanes and didn’t got any penalty for it. Why Alguersuari got one for exactly the same thing at Spa is the question… Well in the end Webber managed to overtake the Hulk and was then 5th behind Rosberg.

And Seb kept racing on his first set of tyres… Until the last lap. Now he had to pit, and use the harder compound for one little last lap. Seb drove really at the limit (as u could see at the smoke of his hard hard braking at the pitlane entrance) and his team did an absolutely perfect pitstop. And his strategy worked perfectly: He came out in front of Webber and even in front of Rosberg!!! So he finished the race 4th , behind Alonso, Button and Massa. A quite brilliant damage control for him as it was the worst track for the Red Bull this year.

Now the World Championship is again quite open, With Webber now leading and Vettel on 5th only 24 points behind. Webber leads ahead of Hamilton, who are close to each other, and they are followed by Alonso, Button and Vettel who have very small points gaps too.

Now we leave Europe for the last 5 races of this season. The next one is in 2 weeks the night GP of Singapore.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and excuse us that we don’t post that regularly at the moment.

See you, your Jenny