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The double shift

I guess many of you got up early yesterday… to see wht? A race of styropor- or energy-drink-can-boats in the floods of the pitlane. The qualifying got postponed to 10am japanese time on Sunday morning… which meant (for the hardcore fans =P ) get up before 3am to watch the quali.

I consider myself as an hardcore fan but to be honest I wasn’t sure if I shud get up that early… But then I thought: “hey, you can do what you want, ur F1-instinct wakes you up at 2.58”, so I decided to set an alarm =P

Looking back, I am very happy that I have made this, because Seb got the pole after setting fastest times in every qualifying unit. The German beat his Aussie teammate by the absolutely small gap of 0.058 seconds. But beaten is beaten. The Red Bull duo was followed by Lewis and Robert, but as the Britain got a 5 place grid penalty due to a gearbox change, Kubica got the 3rd starting place and Alonso started 4th.

So just 4 hours after the qualifying was over, the race went underway. At the start, Seb kept the lead but Kubica overtook Webber for second place and Hamilton jumped from 8th to 5th place. A bit behind, first Hülkenberg and Petrov crashed and in the first corner, Massa crashed into Liuzzi. After those accidents there was a long safety car phase, during which Kubica lost a wheel and had to retire from the race.

After the safety car went in, both Red Bulls drove faster than the rest. After the pitstops of those who started on the option tyres, Vettel  was second behind Button, who still had to pit as he started on the prime tyres. But this strategy didn’t went well for Button as he find himself after his pitstop, behind his teammate. So he lost one place.

But Hamilton’s strain of bad luck continued and he lost the 3rd gear so his teammate cud close the gap and regain his 4th place. A more spectacular inner-team duel was during huge parts of the race at Mercedes. Schumi was close to Rosberg but couldn’t overtake him until Rosberg’s car failed and he crashed in the wall. Spectacular was also the engine failure of Sutil, who slipped on his own oil.

Beside the impressing and impeccable race by Seb, a young Japanese did an amazing performance at his home race. For sure I am talking about Kamui Kobayashi.  I think he overtook the most cars, and he even managed to overtake 4 cars together.

The 5 world championship contenders finished on P1 to 5: 1st was Seb, 2nd his teammate Webber, 3rd Alonso, 4th Button and 5th Hamilton who managed to bring his damaged car home.

So now the WDC fight is even closer with the gap of Webber has become smaller. He is now leading with 220 points ahead of Alonso and Vettel who have both 206 points just with Alonso having one victory more. Then comes Hamilton with 192 points followed by his teammate Button with 189 points.

The next race should be normally at South-Korea in 2 weeks time… even if it is still to be confirmed by Charlie Whiting on Tuesday.

Sorry that we don’t post regularly at the moment but due to much work for school our time is very limited.

Hope u liked the post 🙂

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