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A dream comes true =D

And he did it. Sebastian Vettel is the 2010 Formula One World Drivers Champion!!!

The German driver who had among Alonso and Webber in front of the race realistic world championship chances jumped from P3 to P1 in the standings today.

As you know he needed to win and Alonso had to become 5th or worse to become champ. This scenario seemed a bit difficult to achieve in front of the race as Alonso started 3rd. But already at the start Button passed the Spaniard. So it was only one more car who had to pass Alonso for that Seb becomes champ. But in lap 2 Schumi spun and Liuzzi used the Mercedes as a ramp. The safety car came out for 5 laps. This shouldn’t have played a role in the championship everyone thought… but well Rosberg and Petrov who used the SC phase for an early tyre change stayed in front of Alonso even after the Spaniard went in for his tyre change too. Kubica stayed out very long on his first set of tyres and Hamilton bit his teeth of on the Renault driver until Kub went to get new tyres. And surprise surprise, even Kubica went out in front of Alonso. And the Spaniard stucked after his pit stop all the time behind Petrov. The Russian did his best by helping Vettel to make his dream come true!! And for sure after the race Alonso wasn’t very happy about that he couldn’t pass him and showed it to Vitaly by a not nice hand gesture on the in lap.

While all that happened, Seb controlled the race and finally grabbed his first World Championship lead at the absolute right moment: the last race of the season!

I think Seb absolutely deserves to be the champion. It was an extreme tough season for him with very much bad luck and UNRELIABILITY!!! But at the end no penalties, car problems or crashes could ruin his first WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP !!

Now there must be a big Party and already tomorrow Seb and his team go to the Hangar 7 in Salzburg to appear in the TV-Show “Sport und Talk im Hangar 7” on the Austrian Red Bull owned channel Servus Tv. The show starts tomorrow at 9.05 pm (you can see here how you can receive it http://www.servustv.com/cs/Satellite/About-ServusTV-empfangen/001259299587747?p=1259088496182 and there is also a live stream on the website http://www.servustv.com and if you miss it, dont worry usually u can watch the videos later too).

Well now the season is over… But the break to the first preparations for the 2011 season is short and starts with the young drivers tests already on Tuesday! For the other drivers the break lasts until the end of the week when they’ll do a Tyre test at Abu Dhabi.

I hope you enjoyed this very thrilling season as much as me and I hope that you won’t be too sad in the hard winter month where we have to live without f1 😉  And if your withdrawal symptoms start already now, cheer up because it is the Race of Champions in just 2 weeks time.

See ya

Your jenny

P.S.: Have a nice celebration all Seb fans 😀

Vettel charges to 10th pole as Webber messes up

Sebastian Vettel has grabbed his most important pole position in his young Formula One career. The 23 year old German headed Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the stunning Yas Marina circuit of Abu Dhabi as the 2010 season looms to the end.  Current world champion Jenson Button qualified a respectable 4th while Mark Webber disappointed by qualifying a lowly 5th. His championship hopes takes a hit but he has promised to fight back.

This is how it works ( Courtesy of BBC) :

  • ALONSO 246pts
  • WEBBER 238pts
  • VETTEL 231pts
  • HAMILTON 222pts
  • If Alonso wins or is second, he is champion
  • If Webber wins, he wins the title if Alonso is third or worse
  • If Vettel wins and Alonso is 5th or worse, Vettel wins the title
  • If Hamilton wins, Alonso must fail to score, Webber be 6th or worse and Vettel 3rd or worse for Hamilton to win the title

Q1: For the final time this season,  the new teams dropped out with Lotus heading them.Bruno Senna put on an admirable performance as he out qualified teammate Christian Klien. A near encounter with the barrier put an end to Buemi’s qualifying session as teammate Alguersuari got into Q2.  There wasn’t as much running from the big teams but Nico Rosberg shocked many people as he consistenly lapped in 2nd or 3rd position. Fernando Alonso headed the times and the 24 drivers.

Q2: Robert Kubica, despite putting consistent performances during the practices, he became the big formality and qualified a lowly 11th.

“I have been struggling with the car since yesterday and we simply didn’t manage to get on top of the issues, especially for qualifying. The rear of the car was sliding a lot this evening, so it was hard to get on the power early enough to set a good lap time. I tried everything, I was sideways in a lot of corners, but that’s how it was today. It’s disappointing to miss out on the top ten” Kubica said.

Both Force Indias and BMW Sauber Ferrari’s dropped out followed by Jaime Alguersuari and last week’s polesitter Nico Hulkenberg.

Q3: The important one and the contenders left their garages early all except Sebastian Vettel who felt confident and ready to charge. As Hamilton and Alonso hammered laps that grew faster and faster, Mark Webber couldn’t muster the speed to lap quicker than his teammate or his competitors. He continually lapped in 3rd and 4th places. Teammates Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher qualified 9th and 8th respectively. Williams’ main runner Barichello was 7th as lone Renault Vitaly Petrov qualified 10th. Once Vettel got out his garage he consistently set lap times that were good enough for pole as the others quickly made it just in time to start another lap but none of them could even touch Vettel’s time as sun set in Abu Dhabi.

What a grand start to the finale of 2010. I shan’t miss the race and I trust you wouldn’t too. So Alonso, Webber, Vettel and Hamilton; Take your pick.

Enjoy the race tomorrow and Have fun!

And the Champions are…

Welcome to our blog post of the penultimate round of the 2010 formula 1 season!

The weekend started yesterday with a surprising pole of the Hulk, and finished today with the constructors championship for Red Bull Racing.

Hulk said already before the race that it would be impossible for him to keep the Red Bulls, McLaren and Alonso behind him. Seb passed him already in the first turn; Webber did it few turns later. But for Alonso, who passed Hamilton very quickly, it took 6 laps to overtake Hulk.

Button took new tyres quite early, which brang him from P11 to P5 in the end, a perfect strategy!

Massa even had to visit the pits twice because in the first try his right front tyre wasn’t fixed correctly…

Well to be honest… it was quite an boring race, as except the crash of Liuzzi in lap 46 was the only accident which happened, and the most cars had a quite nice gap between to the men in front and behind.

There was though a bit action, when 8 cars were so close together and specially Buemi and Massa where doing some auto-scooter. And this group had to been overlapped by leading people.

But well beside all more or less big action, Seb controlled the race and kept his title hopes alive!

So after this 1-2 for Red Bull they fixed the constructors Championship and the drivers champion will be decided next weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

A little mathematics lesson (I won’t write all scenarios here but well the easiest):

–          Vettel becomes WDC if he wins and Alonso becomes 5th or worse

–          Webber becomes WDC if he wins and Alonso becomes 4th or worse

–          Alonso becomes WDC if he gets on the podium.

–          And all 3 drivers have the same amount of points if Seb wins, Webber gets 2nd and Alonso 5th. In this case Vettel would be the World Champion.

So Alonso has the best chances but the track at Abu Dhabi should suit quite well RBR and with the very long straight it could be McLaren ground too. So for now all Red Bull Racing fans JUST ENJOY THE FEELING TO BE WORLD CHAMPION     =)   And don’t start calculating the drivers championship now! Anyways we can’t change the outgoing of next weeks’ GP and the race god will for sure choose the right champion!!

So see you to the GP of Abu Dhabi next weekend, which is unfortunately already the last one of this season.


Your Jenny  🙂

Sebastian!! P1 Baby! and enjoying that champagne rightly so :)) #RBR


The penultimate race of the 2010 season has come upon 0n F1 fans.It falls onto the Brazilian Track Interlagos, to give us at least a Constructors Champion, or more importantly the Drivers’ Champion. However, only Fernando Alonso can win the championship on this track and if he fails to; the title race goes to the magnificent Abu Dhabi.

  • If he wins in Brazil, Webber must finish fourth or higher to keep the championship alive. Everyone else would be out of contention, regardless of where they finish.
  • If Alonso is second, Webber must be higher than eighth to stay in it, Hamilton higher than fourth and Vettel must win.
  • If Alonso is third, Webber must score points, Hamilton must be in the top four and Vettel in the top three.
  • If Alonso finishes lower than third, the championship will stay open to the last race because Webber, at least, will still be able to win regardless of where he finishes.

( Thanks to the BBC for that one ^^ I would have taken years to calculate that)

Q1: ( Absolutely no prize for guessing who dropped out) The new teams, with Sutil dropped out. Christian Klien, who won this weeks’ HRT musical driver chair qualified higher than his teammate Bruno Senna qualified at the bottom of the pack. The Virgins outpaced the Lotuses and the casualty was Force India’s Adrian Sutil. Lotus’s Mike Gascoyne later “tweeted” saying : That they will be able to get ahead of Glock as they have the faster straight-line speed.

Q2 : Scramble out of the pits and continuosly set the fast laps >> That was the main aim for the title contenders. Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso traded fastest laps while Jenson Button decided he wanted to explore the circuit and marvel at its wondrous views which probably made him slow and it resulted in him getting kicked out of the Q2. Jenson was followed by Kobayashi, Rosberg, the Toro Rossos’ of both Buemi and Alguersuari, Heidfield, and the Force India of Vitantonio Luizzi. Webber came out fastest and was closely shadowed by Sebastian Vettel. Now many fans assumed that this was going to occur again in Q3; A front-row lockout between the Red Bulls. My God, how wrong were we?!

Q3: Cue the hearts of many F1 fans pumping very violently and butterflies fluttering in the stomach. The 1st lap was set by Lewis Hamilton who was already faster than the others in previous sessions and well into the 1:17s. It was immediately outshadowed by the Ferraris and the Red Bulls charging, setting fastest sector times, again and again. Then there were the Williams, who were expected to qualify 8th and 9th respectively; with Barichello outqualifying his teammate. But no they were wrong! Hulkenberg set the pace time and time again going faster than the Red Bulls and Ferrari of Fernando Alonso! He set times that blinded viewers and commentators. Even his first lap, was fastest enough for pole position but he decided to hammer on. He is now the 6th youngest driver to get pole position and goodness knows that he wants to win it. Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton qualified 2nd,3rd and 4th respectively with Fernando Alonso 5th.  It was a truly a excellent drive from Hulkenberg who deserved the pole.  But he’s got the 4 title contenders in fastest cars behind him. Going to be a brilliant race don’t you think?!

I leave you with a final thought : Hulkenberg outqualified Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber in a Williams car. Perhaps this is a sign of things that we can expect from him in the future. Pastor Maldonado BEAT THAT!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and remember to tune in to the race!