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And the Champions are…

Welcome to our blog post of the penultimate round of the 2010 formula 1 season!

The weekend started yesterday with a surprising pole of the Hulk, and finished today with the constructors championship for Red Bull Racing.

Hulk said already before the race that it would be impossible for him to keep the Red Bulls, McLaren and Alonso behind him. Seb passed him already in the first turn; Webber did it few turns later. But for Alonso, who passed Hamilton very quickly, it took 6 laps to overtake Hulk.

Button took new tyres quite early, which brang him from P11 to P5 in the end, a perfect strategy!

Massa even had to visit the pits twice because in the first try his right front tyre wasn’t fixed correctly…

Well to be honest… it was quite an boring race, as except the crash of Liuzzi in lap 46 was the only accident which happened, and the most cars had a quite nice gap between to the men in front and behind.

There was though a bit action, when 8 cars were so close together and specially Buemi and Massa where doing some auto-scooter. And this group had to been overlapped by leading people.

But well beside all more or less big action, Seb controlled the race and kept his title hopes alive!

So after this 1-2 for Red Bull they fixed the constructors Championship and the drivers champion will be decided next weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

A little mathematics lesson (I won’t write all scenarios here but well the easiest):

–          Vettel becomes WDC if he wins and Alonso becomes 5th or worse

–          Webber becomes WDC if he wins and Alonso becomes 4th or worse

–          Alonso becomes WDC if he gets on the podium.

–          And all 3 drivers have the same amount of points if Seb wins, Webber gets 2nd and Alonso 5th. In this case Vettel would be the World Champion.

So Alonso has the best chances but the track at Abu Dhabi should suit quite well RBR and with the very long straight it could be McLaren ground too. So for now all Red Bull Racing fans JUST ENJOY THE FEELING TO BE WORLD CHAMPION     =)   And don’t start calculating the drivers championship now! Anyways we can’t change the outgoing of next weeks’ GP and the race god will for sure choose the right champion!!

So see you to the GP of Abu Dhabi next weekend, which is unfortunately already the last one of this season.


Your Jenny  🙂

Sebastian!! P1 Baby! and enjoying that champagne rightly so :)) #RBR

The penultimate race of the 2010 season has come upon 0n F1 fans.It falls onto the Brazilian Track Interlagos, to give us at least a Constructors Champion, or more importantly the Drivers’ Champion. However, only Fernando Alonso can win the championship on this track and if he fails to; the title race goes to the magnificent Abu Dhabi.

  • If he wins in Brazil, Webber must finish fourth or higher to keep the championship alive. Everyone else would be out of contention, regardless of where they finish.
  • If Alonso is second, Webber must be higher than eighth to stay in it, Hamilton higher than fourth and Vettel must win.
  • If Alonso is third, Webber must score points, Hamilton must be in the top four and Vettel in the top three.
  • If Alonso finishes lower than third, the championship will stay open to the last race because Webber, at least, will still be able to win regardless of where he finishes.

( Thanks to the BBC for that one ^^ I would have taken years to calculate that)

Q1: ( Absolutely no prize for guessing who dropped out) The new teams, with Sutil dropped out. Christian Klien, who won this weeks’ HRT musical driver chair qualified higher than his teammate Bruno Senna qualified at the bottom of the pack. The Virgins outpaced the Lotuses and the casualty was Force India’s Adrian Sutil. Lotus’s Mike Gascoyne later “tweeted” saying : That they will be able to get ahead of Glock as they have the faster straight-line speed.

Q2 : Scramble out of the pits and continuosly set the fast laps >> That was the main aim for the title contenders. Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso traded fastest laps while Jenson Button decided he wanted to explore the circuit and marvel at its wondrous views which probably made him slow and it resulted in him getting kicked out of the Q2. Jenson was followed by Kobayashi, Rosberg, the Toro Rossos’ of both Buemi and Alguersuari, Heidfield, and the Force India of Vitantonio Luizzi. Webber came out fastest and was closely shadowed by Sebastian Vettel. Now many fans assumed that this was going to occur again in Q3; A front-row lockout between the Red Bulls. My God, how wrong were we?!

Q3: Cue the hearts of many F1 fans pumping very violently and butterflies fluttering in the stomach. The 1st lap was set by Lewis Hamilton who was already faster than the others in previous sessions and well into the 1:17s. It was immediately outshadowed by the Ferraris and the Red Bulls charging, setting fastest sector times, again and again. Then there were the Williams, who were expected to qualify 8th and 9th respectively; with Barichello outqualifying his teammate. But no they were wrong! Hulkenberg set the pace time and time again going faster than the Red Bulls and Ferrari of Fernando Alonso! He set times that blinded viewers and commentators. Even his first lap, was fastest enough for pole position but he decided to hammer on. He is now the 6th youngest driver to get pole position and goodness knows that he wants to win it. Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton qualified 2nd,3rd and 4th respectively with Fernando Alonso 5th.  It was a truly a excellent drive from Hulkenberg who deserved the pole.  But he’s got the 4 title contenders in fastest cars behind him. Going to be a brilliant race don’t you think?!

I leave you with a final thought : Hulkenberg outqualified Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber in a Williams car. Perhaps this is a sign of things that we can expect from him in the future. Pastor Maldonado BEAT THAT!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and remember to tune in to the race!


The double shift

I guess many of you got up early yesterday… to see wht? A race of styropor- or energy-drink-can-boats in the floods of the pitlane. The qualifying got postponed to 10am japanese time on Sunday morning… which meant (for the hardcore fans =P ) get up before 3am to watch the quali.

I consider myself as an hardcore fan but to be honest I wasn’t sure if I shud get up that early… But then I thought: “hey, you can do what you want, ur F1-instinct wakes you up at 2.58”, so I decided to set an alarm =P

Looking back, I am very happy that I have made this, because Seb got the pole after setting fastest times in every qualifying unit. The German beat his Aussie teammate by the absolutely small gap of 0.058 seconds. But beaten is beaten. The Red Bull duo was followed by Lewis and Robert, but as the Britain got a 5 place grid penalty due to a gearbox change, Kubica got the 3rd starting place and Alonso started 4th.

So just 4 hours after the qualifying was over, the race went underway. At the start, Seb kept the lead but Kubica overtook Webber for second place and Hamilton jumped from 8th to 5th place. A bit behind, first Hülkenberg and Petrov crashed and in the first corner, Massa crashed into Liuzzi. After those accidents there was a long safety car phase, during which Kubica lost a wheel and had to retire from the race.

After the safety car went in, both Red Bulls drove faster than the rest. After the pitstops of those who started on the option tyres, Vettel  was second behind Button, who still had to pit as he started on the prime tyres. But this strategy didn’t went well for Button as he find himself after his pitstop, behind his teammate. So he lost one place.

But Hamilton’s strain of bad luck continued and he lost the 3rd gear so his teammate cud close the gap and regain his 4th place. A more spectacular inner-team duel was during huge parts of the race at Mercedes. Schumi was close to Rosberg but couldn’t overtake him until Rosberg’s car failed and he crashed in the wall. Spectacular was also the engine failure of Sutil, who slipped on his own oil.

Beside the impressing and impeccable race by Seb, a young Japanese did an amazing performance at his home race. For sure I am talking about Kamui Kobayashi.  I think he overtook the most cars, and he even managed to overtake 4 cars together.

The 5 world championship contenders finished on P1 to 5: 1st was Seb, 2nd his teammate Webber, 3rd Alonso, 4th Button and 5th Hamilton who managed to bring his damaged car home.

So now the WDC fight is even closer with the gap of Webber has become smaller. He is now leading with 220 points ahead of Alonso and Vettel who have both 206 points just with Alonso having one victory more. Then comes Hamilton with 192 points followed by his teammate Button with 189 points.

The next race should be normally at South-Korea in 2 weeks time… even if it is still to be confirmed by Charlie Whiting on Tuesday.

Sorry that we don’t post regularly at the moment but due to much work for school our time is very limited.

Hope u liked the post 🙂

See you


Pitstops are crucial!

First, sorry for the lack of blogs in the last time! School started again for me and it’s very stressing this year so I hadn’t any time to do some blog posts =S

Today we raced for the last time of this season in Europe. The race was held on the historical and absolutely awesome track of Monza.

Some drivers have had some big emotions at Monza, such as Schumi said there in 2006 that he quits F1 and for sure Seb won there his first race ever in 2008.

Yesterday Alonso scored the first Pole for Ferrari since Brazil 2008 and made all Tifosi happy. Only a win could top this…

The Start went pretty bad for the Spaniard, as Button overtook him. Seb started 6th and lost some places in typical auto scooter of Monza’s turn 1. Important for the WDC is, that Hamilton crashed already in the first lap. Well then Seb stuck behind Hülkenberg, who was performing well in his Williams and Alonso stuck behind Button. Webber who lost many places at the start overtook Schumacher quite fast and then he closed the gap to Vettel and put him under a big pressure. Then suddenly came, once more, a team radio of a desperate Vettel …. “I have engine problems”; “My engine is dying”… and he had to let pass Webber. I was already thinking: “ok, that’s it. Bye bye Championship. But then he found back to his speed and as we know now, it wasn’t the engine which was making problems but a brake which didn’t stopped braking. Anyways he was 8th then behind his teammate.

Alonso managed to take the lead of Button through the pitstops. And there we are at THE word of the race: PITSTOP. After almost everyone pitted, Seb was running 4th as he didn’t made his pitstop yet. And he kept and kept racing. When the race came closer to the end, everyone noticed what Seb was doing: he wanted to push as hard that he wins some places due to the pitstop. In the same time, his teammate got annoyed be Hülkenberg, who was pushing very hard… if not a bit too hard.  Fighting for the 6th position with the Aussie, he cut some times the chicanes and didn’t got any penalty for it. Why Alguersuari got one for exactly the same thing at Spa is the question… Well in the end Webber managed to overtake the Hulk and was then 5th behind Rosberg.

And Seb kept racing on his first set of tyres… Until the last lap. Now he had to pit, and use the harder compound for one little last lap. Seb drove really at the limit (as u could see at the smoke of his hard hard braking at the pitlane entrance) and his team did an absolutely perfect pitstop. And his strategy worked perfectly: He came out in front of Webber and even in front of Rosberg!!! So he finished the race 4th , behind Alonso, Button and Massa. A quite brilliant damage control for him as it was the worst track for the Red Bull this year.

Now the World Championship is again quite open, With Webber now leading and Vettel on 5th only 24 points behind. Webber leads ahead of Hamilton, who are close to each other, and they are followed by Alonso, Button and Vettel who have very small points gaps too.

Now we leave Europe for the last 5 races of this season. The next one is in 2 weeks the night GP of Singapore.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and excuse us that we don’t post that regularly at the moment.

See you, your Jenny


Spa — Freitag

Again, it’s a german post and the english translation will come later =S

Heut morgen nach netten 5 Stunden Schlaf, erstmal schnell den ipod angemacht um zu gucken obs auf Twitter news von Spa gibt… und was les ich? „Es regnet in Strömen“, „ So viel regen wie gestern Abend diese Nacht und jetzt hab ich noch nie gesehen“ (und das wohl bemerkt von Engländern). Naja dann hab ich erstmal beschlossen etwas wasserdichtere Schuhe als Converse anzuziehen.

Um neun dann ab zur Strecke und auf der Autobahn Abfahrt war absolut zu meinem Erstaunen schon am Freitag Stau… das war bisher noch nie so. gut dann ab zu unserem Parking (kein kommentar xD )

Dann war es auch shcon fast 10h und wir haben uns an Kurve 9 gesetzt für so die erste Stunde. Dann sind wir was in Richtung Kurve 8 (brüssel) und zum Ende hin nach Les Combes wo man echt geniale Fotos machen konnte =D  Dann nachdem wir was gegessen hatten sind wir die Kemmel Gerade runter in Richtung Eau Rouge zu den Fanshops… Auf einmal fing es so heftig an zu regnen das das GP2 Training abgebrochen wurde. Im F1 village hab ich antürlcih mal wieder den Bullshop geplündert xD Diesmal mussten 2 neue Tshirt, ein Schlüsselanhänger und…. EIN REGENSCHIRM her xD Dann sind wir ins Infield Richtung Blanchimont gegangen, da sah ich auf einmal so Zelte und lkws und so. Bim genaueren hinsehn sah ich dann, dass das das GP3 und Porsche cup Fahrerlager war =DD Da konnt aman dann auch dran vorbei und unter die Start-und Zielgerade durch weiter Richtung Blanchimont J. Da sind wir dann einfach weiter bis wir wieder ins Infield zurück  gingen und auf einmal en Platz mit LKWs sahen… Ich direkt dahin weil das waren nicht irgendwelche LKWs sondern die von F1 teams 😀 und daneben war noch ein Platz voller Redbull LKWs die meisten für die Energy Station.  Zuerst hab ich dann Fotos von und mit den LKWs gemacht und dann sin d wir zu den ganzen Redbull LKWs und haben mit nem Fahrer gequatscht J er meinte in der Zeit wo keine Europa Rennen sind ist ein Teil der LKW Fahrer bei anderen Redbull dachen wie Airrace oder Xfighters lkw Fahrer xD

Dann sind wir weiter in Richtung Pouhon, wo noch mehr LKW standen, da hab ich dann noch was Fotos gemacht weil das 2. Training ja inzwischen lief. So ne Halbe Stunde vor Schluss sind wir dann langsam Richtung Ausgang, haben aber noch ne super Stelle zum sitzen für den Rest des Wochenendes gefunden, wo man zum Glück keine allzu guten Fotos machen kann, denn sonst würd ich mich viel zu sehr aufs knipsen konzentrieren =)

So 15 Minuten vor Schluss kam dann die Rote Flagge… aber die zeigten ja einfach nicht weswegen mein erster Gedanke war: Seb war schon en bissel lange nicht mehr hier hoffentlich ist nichts passiert…  Dann kam ja das Genialste überhaupt: das war abgebrochen worden weil irgendwelche Freaks in gefährlichen Zonen geklettert sind, also warscheinlich zu nah an die Strecke ran =P Dann sind die ja doch ncohmal alle gefahren und ich konnte von kurve 9 aus noch ein paar pics machen xD

Dann mussten wir leider auch schon wieder gehen =(

Ich hoffe euch hat der Post gefallen =)

Morgen werde ich wieder einen schreiben und ich werde versuchen den normalen Quali Post zu machen, falls Banu nicht online kommt. Denn sie war seit Sonntag nicht mehr on.

Bis dann eure Jenny

Spa — Donnerstag

First of all, this is a German Post… I will translate into English after the Weekend!!

Also zuerst einmal es war ein mega genialer Tag xD

Wir sind so um 14h losgefahren (auch wenn der Pitwalk erst um halb fünf war xD ). An der Strecke angekommen hat Papa sich geweigert auf meinem f1 parking zu gehen xD waren dann auf dem wo wir auch bei WSR geparkt hatten xD Dann ab zum Eingang … nur da standen alle noch über dem Hotel und nicht wie letztes Jahr unten am Tor. Naja wir durch die Auto Schneise mal eben ganz nach vorne und da gewartet. Die Securitys auf den Quads ließen einfach keinen weiter… bis ein 2. kam und die am labern waren. Auf einmal sind wir alle den Berg runter gerannt zum Tor xD Die versuchten uns  zwar mit den Quads abzuhalten aber haben sie natürlich nicht geschafft.  So 10 m vorm Tor mussten wir anhalten, dann haben die nen Security mit Hund vorne abgestellt. Das hat dann mal was gebracht. Habe dann auch Nikki und Essie gefunden und mit denen was gequatscht. Als der Hund weg war haben die da so Milchbubies als Security abgestellt die vielleicht so 17 oder 18 waren wenn überhaupt.  Irgendwann standen wir dann halt am Tor. Und ein Quad irgendwo eingezingelt 😛

Als das Tor, übrigens viiiiel zu langsam, aufging wurde ich fast zerquetscht bin dann aber gaaanz schnell zur ticket Kontrolle gelaufen und dann über die Strecke durch den Boxenausgang in die Boxengasse rein. Da standen dann direkt mal Glock und Di Grassi und haben Autogramme gegeben. Hab dann von jeder Box Fotos gemacht und haben  uns dann bei Seb gestellt auch wenn da schon welche standen J ich bin dann noch schnell zu Mercedes Fotos machen gegangen. Dann haben wir halt bei Seb gestanden und gewartet… xD zum Glück ging Einer vor uns dann weg um bei Ferrari Autogramme zu holen. Dann hieß es wieder waaaaaaaarten — oder bei redbull der endgeilen musik zu hören =P

Irgendwann kam dann Webber… Ich fand es sowas von mega scheiße von dem das der nur vor SEINER Box autogramme gegeben hat und nicht vor Sebs! Ich mein ich mag den ja schon nicht so sehr seit Istanbul und so aber das war echt sowas von mega assi… naja ich fands cool das mein Dad Känguruh gerufen hat als der da war 😛 Aber mir war ja klar das wenn Webber da ist, Vettel nicht lang auf sich warten lässt. Nach so 10 Minuten oder so von Webbers Autogrammstunde kam eeeeendlich Vettel =D  Und sobald er kam verschwand Webber…  Aber das war mir sowas von scheißegal =D

Ich hab Seb als erstes mal das Geschenk für ihn gegeben worüber er sich sehr gefreut hat J J . Dann kam das Übliche: alles zum unterschreiben geben xD  Und wenns sein muss Britta was geben das sie es Seb unterschreiben lässt =P Alles war wie letztes Jahr, bis auf das Seb heute mal so was von gut gelaunt und mega cool drauf war xD Dann hab ich ihn gefragt ob er meine Hand unterschreiben kann (was er ja letztes Jahr auch gemacht hat ..) Dann meinte er: Aber das geht doch weg . Ich: Ist egal ist aber schön. So hielt sich das dann  bestimmt so 2 Minuten dran bis er endlich meine Hand unterschrieben hat xD Als er dann weg war (nach bestimmt ner dicken halben Stunde wenn nicht noch mehr =D ), hab ich mir erstmal den RBR Kommandostand was genauer angeguckt…

Da war dann einer der den RBR Security „Pitbull“ auf Englisch fragte wer denn Rocky ist, der Security sagte dann: Seb’s Race engineer. Dann meinte der Typ zu seinem Sohn auf Deutsch, dass es Vettel‘s Renningenieur ist. Ich meinte dann zu denen das der Pitbull Deutsch kann und dass ich das noch von vorigem Jahr weis. Dann meinte der Pitbull zu mir: Ach du bist das… (Für die Story von vorigem Jahr müsst ihr auf http://mein-spa-grandprix2009.skyrock.com/ gehen xD )

Dann sahen wir das viele auf der Strecke waren und sind durch so ne Lücke für die Pitboards (bei RBR natürlich) über die Boxenmauer auf die Strecke gesprungen.  Dann natürlich so mal von allem Fotos gemacht… Und so ein Red Bull auf der Start- und Zielgerade schmeckt besonders gut.

Dann haben wir nochmal Nikki und Essie getroffen und wieder was gequatscht =D auf dem Weg zum Parking fings dann doch noch an zu regnen aber das war dann auch egal =)

Ich hoffe euch hat der Post gefallen auch wenn er eher halt meine Erlebnisse erzählt 🙂

Ich werde die ganzen Fotos und auch die Fotos von dem Geschenk im Laufe des Wochenendes auf Facebook hochladen und den Link dann hier auf dem Blog posten =D

Morgen werde ich auch wieder einen Post machen =)

Bis dann eure Jenny!!!


The Red Bull Junior Team is a development program for Young racing talent, from all around the World. They find their drivers, by organize the ‘Red Bull driving search’ and help to build their motorsport-career. They put together a training-schedule for each driver; help them with their physical-training. To get them as fit as possible for the racing action. And with success, in the past all the juniors together collected 14 titles, more than 200 race wins, and over 200 pole-positions. After Sebastian Vettel took the pole-position and race win at Monza 2008, he was the 1st and as far the only Red Bull Junior who won a Formula1 GP. Red Bull has 2 F1 teams; Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso. The most Junior team drivers start their career by Toro Rosso, and continue to get higher up from there. The Junior team has already a few driver who made it in F1 (Sebastian Vettel, Jaime Alguersuari, Sébastien Buemi, Tonio Liuzzi, Christian Klien and Scott Speed) and there are still many to come. But the guy to watch is Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), after winning the British F3 title, he deserves to drive the Red Bull F1 car, and drove like he’s never did something else! Now he’s racing in the World Series by Renault, He learns quickly, in his 1st year he taken already many poles and 2 race wins, and is currently 2nd in the championship. But we have also Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA), who won the 2010 British F3 title, those are 2 guys for the future.

But Red Bull also dropped some big talents like; Mikhail Aleshin, Mika Mäki, Stefano Coletti, Brendon Hartley,Neel Jani, … Some of them are doing better without the support of Red Bull, the greatest example is Mikhail Aleshin who’s now leading the World Series by Renault championship, who probably will get a test with the Renault F1. He has a high chance to get in F1 soon. But he had loads of support from Red Bull who paid he’s racing a long time, but he didn’t come with good results. Red Bull puts some pressure on their drivers, and they see who can deal with the pressure and who’s not. The biggest example is for Sure Vettel, look where he is now…

If you want more information on the Red Bull Junior Team check out its official Website or the great Facebook page on it!!!